Rug Shearing (Shaving)

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Shearing (Shaving) A Rug

About Shearing (Shaving) Rugs

Over time rugs lose their vibrancy, become discolored and fuzzy. However, the layers underneath the surface remain the same.  Long time ago, rugs were shaved by hand using scissors. Today we use state of the art machines to shave rugs to the exact thickness desired. 

We are able to shear a rug to all degrees from 1% to no pile.





  1. Remove fuzz from the rug

  2. Bring back the original bright design

  3. Get to the tip of the color to bring back the original, bright, vibrant color

  4. Thin out rugs if that's what you prefer

  5. Give it an older look

  6. Some people like to shave their rugs unevenly to have a certain area appear more worn

  7. Make the pile even

  8. A part of the rug may have a high traffic area and may appear to be more worn then the rest of the rug.


 We at A1 Rug and Carpet Cleaning Company maintain the highest standards. We perform a thorough final inspection to each and every rug. Our goal is customer satisfaction. We don’t hesitate to repeat any steps that might be necessary to provide you with the best results possible. It’s that final touch that means so much.

A1 Rug and Carpet Cleaning Company, Inc. serves nationwide. Contact us for a location near you (201) 885-1257

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A1 Rug and Carpet Cleaning Company services: we have the largest range of services in the USA for rugs, carpets and upholstery cleaning. We are experts in color finishes: antique wash, overdyes, white wash, silver wash etc.

We are proud to the best in rug and carpet cleaning, repair and water and fire restoration. 


A1 Cleaning All Inc have the most advanced Equipment and expertise to do Rug Cleaning and any color correction.
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